It’s been a while..

My plan to write one blog post a week fizzled out. That’s ok though. I’ve been keeping busy and still managing to work to my ‘2 paintings a month’ target. I think I’ve had one month where I only managed one. But again, that’s ok. There are enough pressures without us adding more to ourselves. I paint because it makes me happy, that’s the important thing.

I’m sat in the sunshine on my lunch break now; if love it to be a lunch break between a morning and afternoon of creativity but it’s not the case. ‘Real life’ got in the way. Why is it so universally accepted that ‘real life’ aka being a responsible adult means being a slave to others in areas that don’t feed your soul? There’s not often a symbiotic relationship between employer/employee is there, not if we’re completely honest. We work to pay the bills; we try to work in a job we enjoy; if we didn’t have to work we either wouldn’t or most people would do something else such as volunteer with animals or something often far removed from their regular employment.

Do you value your time? If you do then the answer to my next question is probably true too: do you value your happiness? What does it take for a person to make a decision that will affect them and the people around them, potentially for the rest of their lives? A surge of courage? Is that basically what it comes down to? Work out the logistics then make your move? What stops us? Fear?

Who knows… Well we probably all know, deep down, but if we can’t admit it to ourselves then how are we supposed to admit it to others?

Anyway, here’s my view before I go back in:

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