Early morning musings

I’m full of ideas again (still?). Tiring myself out with it all (but in a good way, surely?) and at the same time can’t sleep because there’s so much to do!

(Well, truth be told, I went to bed at 7pm because I was so worn out and have woken up at 4.30am – much to Maggie’s annoyance. I suppose I’ve had enough sleep really. Not the lie in I was aiming for though… )

Anyway, here I am in the middle of the night, propped up on Big Ted, thinking arty thoughts.

To frame or not to frame? (Probable future blog post title)

How do I want my website to look?

When do I include a ‘shop’ section?

Ring the framers at 11am.

What is my end goal?

What is my current goal?

Don’t forget to plan an exhibition.

Am I creating content I want to create or am I creating what I think other people want to see?

Am I doing both? It’s early days yet so probably difficult to tell at the moment.

I want (need, really, if I’m going to maintain my own level of interest) to stay true to myself and my ideas. I’m not a world famous artist (yet!), I’m learning the ropes with regards to websites, blogs, marketing etc, I’m fitting this in around a full time job plus other general life commitments.

I don’t know what people want to see. Maybe they don’t want to see anything! The plan is to create content that I enjoy and am happy/proud to put my name to. Law of averages means someone else out there in the Big Wide World will enjoy it too.

I intend to continue on my little self-initiated journey, doing what feels good and what feels right; documenting it as I go. There’s really not much more to it. The whole reason behind the name ‘art and sensibility’ is I really tap into all of my senses and that’s where I draw (excuse the pun) my inspiration from.

Ooh, speaking of authenticity, I must create some certificates to go with my artwork. *adds to mental to-do list*

Right, now I’ve rambled on and got that out of my head, I wonder if I can get back to sleep for a bit…

8 thoughts on “Early morning musings

  1. Stay true to yourself….art is an expression of self isn’t it? Painting Is your medium for expressing how you react to the world..the camera is my medium for conveying what I see…i use it to illustrate my inscape in the landscape…..


  2. Hi there Sophie. I recently went through a similar experience. I would wake at 4am or thereabouts and start writing and before I knew it it would be 7am! After a few days of this it was starting to affect my mood and I stopped creating (for a day!). I guess you’ll find your own way and maybe the New Kadampa will help you if you understand that there’s more than one school of meditation and that there are even Western techniques of meditation ( I used to go to a Jesuit retreat centre! Also Stoicism helps me particularly Epictetus and Marcus Aurelius). Have a great day and remember to eat, maybe you need to ground yourself although I know when I am inspired it is the last thing I want to do!


    1. I’m not sure exactly what the new kadampa is? I generally use Yoga, walking outdoors, breathing exercises before bed, the gym, or early nights as my ‘meditation’. Plus my painting of course, I can lose myself for hours to that! No chance of forgetting to eat, not with my appetite 😂 but I do know what you mean that being overly inspired can be exhausting if you don’t find a way to output at least some of the ideas fairly regularly, otherwise things start to feel very unbalanced and it can be overwhelming. Thankfully not felt that way for quite a while though, and am very much enjoying my creativity these days!


      1. The New Kadampa is the meditation group you were thinking of going to today at the Quakers. It is a form of Buddhism but can be a bit cult like. Not to worry and I am looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.


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